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I think right now you want Spark Plugs merchandise, therefore you tend to be in proper website. Now you’re examining NGK 8018 Spark Plug Wire Set submit. Along with I am hoping you’ll discover worthwhile information in the following before you invest in Spark Plugs item. Presently I must come up with NGK 8018 Spark Plug Wire Set. Minor data this NGK 8018 Spark Plug Wire Set merchandise manufactured simply by NGK company.

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(4 Cyl 1.8L EFI B18C1,B18C5 Engine Code) Built for the (94-01) Acura Integra… Newly-designed by NGK, these variable=-pitch wound resistor cables provide uniform resistance and insure the outstanding electrical conductivity any cable must have. This produces the impedance necessary to suppress radio interference throughout the entire frequency spectrum. The RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) noise is radiated from ignition systems and can interfere with coputer control and on-board electronic systems of late model vehicles. Used in your car in combination with resistor spark plugs. NGK resistor cables will provide exceptional noise suppression without affecting your engine performance in the least.Features:The fiberglass strand core is covered by a layer of ferrite magnetic material wrapped with variable-pitched metal wire. The outer jacket is made of:1: Polyvinyl Chloride – heat resistant temperature of 100 degrees Celcius2: NGK’s new EDPM rubber compound (Ethylene Propylene Dien Monomer) – heat resistant temperature of 180 degrees Celsius3: NGK’s new silicone insulation that has a heat resistant temperature of 250 degrees Celsius.The material used for the outer jacket depends upon which is best for the particular application.

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